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Fela Kuti - Excuse O! & Monkey Banana!

1.    Monkey Banana
Monkey Banana is Fela’s advice to those who want to work for the Nigerian status quo without social security, heath insurance, job security, etc., to think twice before slaving for nothing. In his habitual manner of putting-down the Nigerian elite, he sings the popular English expression: ‘A fool at forty is a fool forever’—implying life begins for a man at forty. Calling on the worker to stop slaving for nothing, he compares the worker to a monkey, that can only be enticed to dance if you offer it the banana. He concludes by saying: ‘…before I jump like monkey, give me banana’.
2.    Sense Wiseness
Fela, in this song, is singing of the state of alienation in which the educated elite in the African society find themselves. After their education in Western ways and mannerisms, the educated elite in Africa try to distance themselves from the ghetto. Sense Wisenessis Fela’s sarcastic way of saying: ‘book sense is different from street sense’. The song starts with: ‘You are student! You been to grammar school (college)! You graduate MA! MSe! and PhD! You go for London! You Go for New York! You come for Lagos? You start to miss your road! One boy for Mushin (ghetto)! Him hustle you! For Ajegunle (another ghetto area)! You ne get mouth! For Jankara (big ghetto market)! Your money lost!’



Ebo Taylor - life stories (fela's soul mate)

John Maus - Love is Real

T. Rex!

French Heavy Metal

El Guincho -Folîas & Pop Negro


Sun Ra

Arthur Russell - Another Thought

The World of Arthur Russell

Prince - Controversy

Somali Pop

Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes - Blacksoul

Drexciya - Neptune's Lair


Drexciya - Journey Home

Drexcity - Molecular Enhancement

Sénor Coconut - Home Computer (Kraftwerk)

Spiral Tribe - Tecno Terra

Yellow Magic Orchestra - $UPERBEST Vol. ii

YMO - X∞ Multiplies

Isao Tomita - The planets

David Bøwie - "LOW"

david bøwie - heroes

Biosphere - iBiocurious





Exercise the sacred tradition of musical ecstasy

Oooh oooh Techno city
Hope you enjoy your stay
Welcome to Techno city
You will never want to go away

--Cybotron, "Techno City" (1984)
"The 'soul' of the machines has always been a part of our music. Trance always belongs to repetition, and everybody is looking for trance in life... in sex, in the emotional, in pleasure, in anything... so, the machines produce an absolutely perfec t trance."
--Ralf Hütter, 1991, quoted in Kraftwerk: Man Machine and Music, Pascal Bussy


At first the art of music sought and achieved purity, limpidity and sweetness of sound. Then different sounds were amalgamated, care being taken, however, to caress the ear with gentle harmonies. Today music, as it becomes continually more complicated, strives to amalgamate the most dissonant, strange and harsh sounds. In this way we come ever closer tonoise-sound.
--Luigi Russolo: "The Art of Noises" (1913)
Punk rock, new wave, and soul
Pop music, salsa, rock & roll
Calypso, reggae, rhythm and blues
Master mix those number one blues.

--G.L.O.B.E. and Whiz Kid: "Play That Beat Mr. DJ" (1983)


Synthetic electronic sounds
Industrial rhythms all around
Musique nonstop
Techno pop

--Kraftwerk: "Techno Pop" (1986)

The Techno Rebels are, whether they recognize it or not, agents of the Third Wave. They will not vanish but multiply in the years ahead. For they are as much part of the advance to a new stage of civilisation as our missions to Venus, our amazing computers, our biological discoveries, or our explorations of the oceanic depths.
--Alvin Toffler: The Third Wave (1980)
Music is prophecy: its styles and economic organisation are ahead of the rest of society because it explores, much faster than material reality can, the entire range of possibilities in a given code. It makes audible the new world that will gradually become visible.
--Jacques Atalli: Noise (1977)


There's something in the air called objectivity.
There's something in the air like electricity.
There's something in the air, and it's in the air, the air.
There's something in the air that's pure silliness.
There's something in the air that you can't resist.
There's something in the air, and it's in the air,
And you can't get it out of the air.

--Theme song, Schiffer-Spoliansky revue: "Es Liegt in der Luft" (There's something in the air) (1928)

perception of self and other underwaves, zigzag identity-"s" of zebra pattern distortion, echoes cookie crumble into milken landscape.